Castles in and around Füssen

10.03.2017 Blog

There are many interesting castles and castle ruins in and around Füssen. People interested in history and who want to feel the spirit of the Middle Ages can discover many points of interests of this type in the picturesque city at Lech and its surroundings.

The unique variety of landscapes of Füssen

10.03.2017 Blog

The vicinity of Füssen in Allgäu enchants, through a unique variety of landscapes. Around the world-renowned castle in Neuschwanstein. Gentle hills, the impressive mountains of the Allgäu Alps and the idyllic sea scape invite you to various recreational activities or to simply leave all one's cares behind and relax.

Lakes for bathing in Füssen

10.03.2017 Blog

The region around Füssen offers one of the most beautiful sea scapes in all of Bavaria. Here you will find numerous lakes for bathing with crystal clear, clean water which invites you to diverse sport- and recreational activities in the cool waters and on the riversides as well as to swim and splash around.

Watersport around Füssen

18.01.2017 Blog

Around the wonderful city of Füssen in the Allgäu you can find many large and small alpine foothill lakes, which are a paradise for watersport enthusiasts. No matter if you're sailing, surfing, boating, canoeing or water skiing - if you like watersports you'll find many diverse activities and fantastic sporting conditions.

Nordic walking in Füssen

04.01.2017 Blog

Friends of Nordic walking get their money's worth in Füssen. The picturesque city in Allgäu offers ideal conditions with its dreamlike nature, for the popular and mellow whole-body training.

Hiking in the Region around Füssen

20.09.2016 Blog

Hiking in and around Füssen is truly a dream. The small town in the Allgäu is located amongst one of the most beautiful hiking regions in Europe. Hikers can find wonderful conditions here amongst a breathtaking beautiful nature and a variety of the best paths for various difficulties.

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