Castles in and around Füssen
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There are many interesting castles and castle ruins in and around Füssen. People interested in history and who want to feel the spirit of the Middle Ages can discover many points of interests of this type in the picturesque city at Lech and its surroundings.

First and foremost, the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau are to be mentioned of course. These impressive buildings of the fairy-tale king Ludwig II lie in between a picturesque mountain scenery at Füssen and are world famous points of interests. The beautiful architecture and the exuberant interior decoration of the castle Neuschwanstein fascinate over a million people who visit the castle every year. But the landmark of Füssen – the Hohes Schloss – which is enthroned over the historic city, is not to be left out on the sightseeing list. It is one of the most meaningful, late Gothic castle complexes in Germany and houses a branch gallery of the Bavarian state collection of paintings and the town art gallery.

To the west of Hopfen am See – a district of Füssen – is the oldest stone castle of the Allgau, the castle ruin Hopfen. The complete layout of the castle can be viewed and it offers visitors a fantastic view of the surrounding alpine upland from the castle complex.

A beautiful tourist attraction, which is reachable by foot in only a few minutes from Füssen, is the castle ruin Eisenberg. This chemise castle was first mentioned in history books at around 1340 and was destroyed ca. 300 years later by the Tyrolese sovereigns. A museum is located near the castle which presents various background information about the history of the building.

The castle ruin Hohenfreyberg, one of the most beautiful castle ruins in the country and one of the last larger newly constructed castles in Germany is located a few steps from the castle Eisenberg. It originated in the 15th century and was also destroyed by the Tyrolese sovereigns because of the Thirty Years' War, just like the castle Eisenberg. A lot is still preserved though and a tour is definitely worth it.

The highest situated castle ruin in Germany, the castle Falkenstein at Pfronten, was built in the year 1270. It was later bought by King Ludwig II and he wanted to have it rebuilt on a grand scale, however, this never happened due to his death.

The Allgau is the country of the knights and castles. You can experience the flair of the Middle Ages in and around Füssen!

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