Boat tours on the Forggensee
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One of the big tourist attractions in Füssen are the boat tours on the idyllic Forggensee lake. They offer amazing views of the surrounding mountainscapes, the city of Füssen and of the world famous castles "Neuschwanstein" and "Hohenschwangau".

The picturereque Forggensee is the fourth biggest lake in Bavaria and a popular tourist destination. In the warm summer months the gorge reaches it's highest water level and perfectly adapts to the landscape.

Here you can swim, do watersports, or walk along the waterside. You can also cycle or relax on one of the many boating tours on offer and enjoy great views of the surrounding landscape.

Nine times a day from the beginning of june to the middle of october, the cruiseships MS "Füssen" and  MS "Allgäu" are offering short and long boating tours from the boating harbour of Füssen.

The MS "Allgäu" has space for 225 persons on it's deck and in it's salon, while the MS "Füssen" offers seating space for 400 people.

You'll be able to purchase small snacks and refreshments on short cruises and warm meals are on offer on longer cruises.

The longest cruise on offer takes 2 hours and will lead you from the gorge north of the lakeside, while the short cruise takes place in the southern area of the Forggensee lake and lasts about 1 hour. The ship also docks alongside the lake during it's tour, which allows you to continue your journey by foot or by bicycle. Bicycles can be taken onto the ship.

In august there are also special cruises on offer. Romantic evening cruises as well as "King Ludwig Evening Cruises" are offered, alongside cruises with live music. Larger groups can also book the ships for special cruises. A wedding, a birthday or a company event is guaranteed to be an unforgetable event.

If you want to stay in Füssen you really shouldn't miss a boat tour on the Forggensee. You'll have the best views of the wonderful landscape around Füssen. A Forggensee lake cruise is a wonderful experience for the whole family.