Füssen in the Allgäu
The hiking paradise
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The alps of Fussen - enjoy the peace and nature up there! For hikers with longings for summits, the bavarian alps offer a lot of possibilities.

Our Top 4 - summits (easy to challenging):

1. Buchenberg (1140m ü.M)
Easy and suitable for children. On top you can relax in the alpine hut "Buchenbergalm". You can even take the chairlift up or down. Great view over the landscape and other mountains.
Time to walk to the summit: 1 hour
Tour: start at the base oft he chairlift station in Buching (10km). Please follow the signs for the hiking treck.

2. Große Schlicke (2059m)
Easy, worth-it trekking tour in the Austrian Alps. Refresh yourself in the cosy alpine hut Otto-Mayr-Hutte. You will see impressing views to rocky mountain walls and at the summit there is an awesome panorama.
Time to walk to the summit: 2 1/2 hours
Tour: start at the parking place at the restaurant Barenfalle in Musau/Tirol (10km). Follow the forrest road to the hut. In another 30 minutes, walking a small path, you will reach the summit with its cross on top. The way back is the same.

3. Tegelberg (1881m)
Medium, diversified tour with possibilites of differnt alternatives. From the Tegelberghaus where the cable car ends, up to the summit called Branderschrofen (Gipfel) the way is pretty dangerous and only recommendable for experienced alpinists. Nice views to the castles and the surrounding alps. You can short-cut by taking the cable car one way.
Time to the walk to the summit: 3 hours
Tour: start at the parking place at the castles. Follow the signs up the gorge Pollatschlucht to Neuschwanstein castle and cross the bridge Marienbrücke. Signs will lead you to the summit. Experienced climbers can start from the base of the cable car station and take the Via Ferrata Gelbe Wand. There are busses running frequently from the station Tegelnergbahn to the parking places at the castles.

4. Säuling (2047m)
Challenging, demanding tour only for experienced alpinists. A little easier from the Austrian side by walking up to the alpine hut Saulinghaus and then to the summit.
Time to walk to the summit: 3 ½ hours
Tour: start at the parking place at the castles. Walk up to the point, where the bus and carriage stop for Neuschwanstein castle is (called Jugend). Follow the signs to the Sauling. There are some very steep, dangerous paths with easy climbings. If you like to do a round-tour you can walk tot he alpine hut Saulinghaus and around the mountain Pilgerschrofen (calculate 1 hour extra).

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