Our breakfast buffet is very special and you can enjoy its delights every day from 7am to 11am and on weekends and holidays until 11.30am. The energising aroma of different coffee specialities, fresh rolls and pastries of all kinds will wake you up as soon as you walk into the room.

Our buffet is a paradise for everyone's favourite breakfast taste:

- there are croissants and cakes with preserves, honey and nutella for those of you who like it sweet.

- there is horse radish, Antipasti, Spanish Chorizo, serrano ham with organic olive oil and even a glass sparkling wine with freshly pressed orange juice for those of you who enjoy a taste of luxury.

- and for those of you with a hearty appetite there are different egg variations, bacon and meat loaf, meat balls and sausages to dig into.

- if you prefer the healthy option you can nibble on fresh vegetable strips, fresh fruit with muesli, cereals, yogurt and make yourself fit for the day with probiotic drinks.

and if you prefer a bit of variety, you can simply try a little of everything.

The best part is that many of our products come from dairies, butcher's shops and producers from the local area.  Our Mediterranean specialities like, for example, the Spanish sausage and the organic olive oil come directly from the family of our employee Beatriz from a small village close to Toledo.

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