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The Wieskirche is a remarkably magnificent pilgrimage church in white (municipality Steingaden) in the Pfaffenwinkel area, it was built in 1745-54 by the brothers Johann Baptist and Dominikus Zimmermann.

It has been a World Heritage Site since 1983. For more than 1100 years the former Benedictine Monastery Church and now the Catholic parish church of St Magnus has been a place of worship of Saint Magnus. The monastic church stands on foundations of two Roman 9th and 12th Century churches with frescos of saints Magnus and Gallus.

The overall appearance of St Coloman offers a genuine picture of a pilgrimage church from the first decades of the Bavarian baroque. The special attraction of this church lies in the authentic style of its interior and decor as well as its situation at the foot of the Schwangau mountains.

The first Franciscans came from Reutte in Tirol and established the monastery in 1628 at the request of the Fussen mayor. Today the convent is preferred by the older brothers of the order because of its structural condition. The emphasis is on taking care of the soul with the spa, pastoral care for tourists and the sick and the cooperation in the parish community.