Lakes for bathing in Füssen
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The region around Füssen offers one of the most beautiful sea scapes in all of Bavaria. Here you will find numerous lakes for bathing with crystal clear, clean water which invites you to diverse sport- and recreational activities in the cool waters and on the riversides as well as to swim and splash around.

Of the lakes for bathing in and around Füssen, the fourth largest lake in Bavaria – Lake Forggen – is ranked first. You can enjoy the superb nature on many beautiful located bathing places. Of course, the lake also offers numerous water sports possibilities. It is also popular among hikers and cyclists, who can find the perfect paths along its riverside. Additionally, lake Forggen is being traversed from passenger ships during the warm months, which can make it possible to view the surrounding scenery of the fairy-tale castles in Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

Great views of the Alpine peak can also be obtained from lake Hopfensee. In Hopfen am See, which is also referred to as the “Allgäuer Riviera”, you can leave all your cares behind, go swimming or do other recreational activities in the bathing beach Hopfen. Beautiful outdoor pools are also located on lake Mittersee in the Faulenbacher Valley or on lake Weißensee.

A popular tourist attraction for nature lovers, people looking for a place of rest and relaxation and friends of swimming is the legendary, quaint lake Alat which is embedded in the Allgäu Alps, ca. 6 Kilometers away from Füssen. A lot of myths entwine around the mountain lake with its crystal clear water but it especially offers dreamlike beaches and wonderful hiking trails on its riversides. Lake Schwansee is also beautiful; the species-rich flower fields of lake Schwannsee park reach all around it.

You can bathe, as once King Louis II did, in the Alp lake which is very close to the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Even the lake Faulensee, the Bannwaldsee lake or lake Hegratsriedsee are always worth a trip and guarantee a lot of bathing fun.

Swimming, bathing, surfing, sailing, boating or just lazing about on the beach – the possibilities of recreational activities are as diverse as the selection of beautiful lakes for bathing in and around Füssen. A large variety is ensued here in the warm summer months.