Hotel Sonne 2.0
Ludwigs Team
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The confidants

The team of Ludwig and his closest allies

Our idea behind the concept "Hotel Sonne 2.0" is that we wanted to know how Ludwig and his confidants, the "team of yesteryear" would probably live in today's world. We see ourselves as representatives of this team, whose goal it is to inspire our guests in every area of our Sonne. Because Ludwig also had a strong team that made the impossible possible.

True to our motto:
Because we love people.

Ludwig II:
For me, life and also being king was more torture than choice. That's why I took refuge in my dream world of art, romance and castles. My life's work, the Neuschwanstein Castle, is not far from here. Finally, my spirit has come alive again in the Sonne 2.0. Way ahead of my time back then, I can now be who I am. As in the past, I like to communicate with my friends and confidants via letters.

Duchess Sophie:
As the little sister of "Sissi", I led a passionate life full of ups and downs. Once engaged to Ludwig II, I married a duke, from whom, however, I wanted to divorce because of a bourgeois doctor. Now I devote myself entirely to urban and cultural life here in Fussen and invite you to join me on a journey of discovery!

Lorenz Meyer:
I was a servant and confidant of Ludwig II and I gave myself to this task because I enjoyed my role as a servant. 

Queen Marie:
As the young mother of Ludwig and Otto and Queen of Bavaria, I did not always have it easy, but at the same time enjoyed the privilege of being one of the few women to climb and climb mountains. Because of my lack of airs and graces, the people want me. Now I am happy to pass on my experiences and discoveries to all visitors to the sun and am available with advice and support when it comes to sporting activities in and around Fussen.

Richard Wagner:
My life was entirely devoted to the art of music, poetry and the legends of the Middle Ages. Ludwig thought he had found a soul mate in me and admired and loved me deeply. Now I am allowed to revive my passion in the sun 2.0. to entertain the people of today as the spirit of the time brings. In RIWA you will surely find one or the other trace of me.

Empress Sissi:
I grew up free and carefree, which is why later, as Empress of Austria, I had a very hard time in my golden cage. I had an intimate relationship with my cousin Ludwig II. That's why I took refuge in the beautiful things in life with time-outs for body and soul. Today, I get to pamper my guests with feel-good moments, with little times for cosmetics and wellness. Or may it be a massage?

Theodor Hierneis:
Being court chef for Ludwig II was a great honor and at the same time a challenge for me. During that time, I worked a lot and slept little, since the king usually didn't wake up until the evening and often wanted to eat entire dinners on the mountain. Finally I am allowed to cook for guests again and I am looking forward to delicious, regional and (this time) casual favorite dishes that I may present to you.