Allgäu - A Great Natural Landscape in the Alps
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Beautiful natural landscapes and the world-renowned Neuschwanstein Castle are the things which make Allgäu a famous tourist destination in Germany. It is one of the most popular hiking regions in the European Alps with some 7,000 kilometers of seemingly endless trails.

As this region of the Alps has become well-known for its hiking paths, a trilogy of trails has been established at three varying altitudes: the idyllic valley walks, the marvelous mid-altitude trails, and the challenging summit hikes. The region of Allgäu is famous because of its variety. The topography has differing makeup and it offers several kinds of landscapes. There are the exquisite alpine meadows, the gently soft hills, the steep slopes and summits, the fully green forests, the attractive valleys, and the alluring lakes.
The different trails of this beauteous region in the Alps lead to the castles, churches, and convents, such as the royal castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein, as well as the Basilika Ottobeuren. The famous castle of Neuschwanstein is located at the eastern part of the region.

The Allgäu region found at the south of Germany covers the southern part of Bavarian Swabia and the southeastern division of Baden-Wurttemberg. It extends from the pre-alpine lands up to the heights of the Alps. The waters flowing through this German section are the rivers of Lech and Iller. The river of Iller has become a famous place for rafting and trekking. A bicycle route follows the river path for those who want to enjoy biking around the area. The Lech River, on the other hand, runs through the Austrian territory and Germany. It begins from the Vorarlberg state of Austria and crosses the German border to form a twelve-meter high waterfall, which is called the Lechfall. This is another tourist spot that is becoming famous for trekkers and hikers in the region.

This German region is further divided into four regions: the Oberallgäu or the southern portion, the Unterallgäu or the northern portion, the Ostallgäu or the eastern portion, and the Westallgäu or the western portion.

The parts of the Allgäu region in the Alps are reaching over 2,000 meters in height, which make them famous for winter skiing. They are popular for vacations as they offer various activities that everyone can enjoy. This part of Germany is also renowned for its dairy farm products, such as Hirtenkase or the herdmans cheese.